Oven’s Shared Services

Last modified: 2021-02-20

– Don’t do bad things with any of the shared services
– Pay bills on time, let Oven know if you need more time.
– Keep your info up to date.

By joining any of the shared services that Oven provides or is the primary account holder for, you acknowledge that you agree to these terms in order to keep the services fully operational and sustainable. These terms can be changed at any time. Any changes will be communicated where needed to ensure members are aware.

At the current moment, the following shared services are available:
– T-mobile Family Plan (7 Active Members, accepting requests for new members)
– Nintendo Switch Online (6 Active Members, 2 slots free out of 8)
– LastPass Family Plan (2 Active Members, 4 slots free out of 6)

I am open to taking suggestions for other shared plans as well.

General Policies

  • You agree to abide by all local, state, and government requirements regarding the services you are using. Any unlawful use of services shared to you are grounds for immediate removal.
  • You also agree to any additional terms imposed by the service provider for each service. You can find the terms for each service below


  • All billing amounts are assessed using Google Sheets at this time. You will have a personal Spreadsheet shared with you, which is accessible at sheets.google.com .
  • You are responsible for ensuring you check your owed amounts monthly and sending payment. Amounts are due 30 days after they are added to your spreadsheet. Updates are typically provided in shared chats for bill posts. Alternate arrangements can be requested on a per person basis.
  • If a billed amount is delinquent 60 days after the billed amount is posted, Oven has the right to suspend services associated with the amount owed at any time until full repayment is made. There are no late fees assessed at this time.
  • If a payment arrangement needs to be made beyond the days provided for repayment, please discuss with Oven directly to make separate arrangements for paying back dues.
  • If you wish to leave any service, please provide notice 30 days before the date of termination. This will allow time to make the needed arrangements. Final bill will included prorated amounts as given by the service directly if applicable as well as the full amount for any outstanding shared costs.
  • All services are considered post-paid. Meaning that when you are charged, you are already enjoying the service being used.

T-Mobile Family Plan

Each T-mobile line under Oven’s account comes with the following features

  • Unlimited Text and Talk
  • 4G LTE/ 5G data up to 10GB per month
    • All lines include a Data Stash of 10GB if you go over this limit, the remaining Data Stash allocation rolls over monthly.
    • If you manage to go beyond the monthly limit as well as the Data Stash, speeds will be lowered by T-mobile until the next months quota begins
    • For the lifespan of this family plan, no one has had any issues with going over data so this usually is not a concern.
    • Data also includes tethering if your phone supports it
  • International Talk and Text features
    • All features above are the same in Canada and Mexico, no roaming costs.
    • All other countries are subject to discounted roaming rates, which you can find at this page. You will be responsible for any overages on your line.
    • Some countries will allow you to use slower data speeds for free. Contact T-mobile directly with questions or contact Oven.
  • 1 hr of free In-Flight Wi-Fi on flights using GoGo Wireless services.
  • Music Freedom, feature allowing music streaming from most popular services without the data counting against your quota.
  • Binge On, feature allowing popular video streaming services to be optimized to not count against your quota. (This can be turned off by request)
  • Access to T-mobile Scam ID app, protecting your line from unsolicited calls or texts. Also allows you to turn on Scam Block for your line.
  • Access to T-mobile Tuesday app, providing weekly perks for T-mobile members.

Each member of the plan is responsible for the following charges:

  • Even split of the account charges monthly, currently at $120 for the entire account total , divided by the number of active members on the plan.
    • This charge will change based upon if T-mobile increases the account rate (unlikely) or if members join/ leave which would change the even split.
  • Monthly line-based charges for local area taxes or fees.
  • A $20 monthly line fee if the line is not covered under the included free lines for this plan.
    • There are only 6 free line credits available for this plan. All other lines after the first 6 registered lines will incur the line fee.
    • The free line credit is awarded based upon seniority of the account member per line. If a member that is enjoying the line credit were to leave the plan for example, the account member with the longest duration of time on the plan that does not yet have the line credit will then have their line fee credited.
  • A $2 Maintenance fee per line per month.
  • Any monthly overage charges imposed from international roaming, any app-based charges initiated by the user, or any installment plans for tech purchased from T-mobile.
  • A one-time charge for new line activation of $25
    • Please note that SIM cards may fail over time and you may be responsible for paying a $25 activation fee in the future if your SIM card needs to be replaced.
    • If you find yourself needing to replace your SIM, contact Oven directly first BEFORE proceeding with beginning a new activation. We will see what we can do to avoid the charge before going through with any replacements.

Additional Guidelines:

  • If your device is lost or stolen, notify Oven as soon as you can. This way your device can be reported to T-mobile and services to the phone suspended.
  • Each member is required to keep the following data updated:
    • Full address of where you are residing. This is a requirement to ensure tax codes are accurate to keep our account in good standing as well as fulfilling E911 requirements. Your phone may not be as accurate in the case of an emergency if this is not updated to the latest information!
    • Your preferred Caller ID name and whether or not you wish to opt into CID
    • Any changes to your legal name
  • Amounts charged are not-refundable. Bills are post-paid and services are already being rendered to you when amounts are charged.
  • In order to change any of the following, you must send a message to Oven
    • Line-specific blocks (Available blocks outlined per line below)
      • SMS Text messaging block
      • MMS Text messaging block
      • All Text messages sent through T-mobile data
      • All downloaded data sent through T-mobile data
      • Chargeable International Roaming
      • All International Roaming
      • Scam Block (This can be toggled within the Scam Block app)
    • Begin a new installment plan for devices used within the plan
    • Switch out SIM card or activate a new SIM card
    • Adding new members to the plan
    • Cancel a line / port a phone number out of the account
  • Info for nerds
    • Rate Code: YUKFAM1LN
    • SEA98118

Nintendo Online Shared Plan

This plan allows access to Nintendo Online and all of its features using a shared account. You will need to establish a Nintendo account, then provide your email address to invite you into the family shared plan. Once you are in, you will be able to enjoy Nintendo Online features.

Plan pricing is based upon a shared divide of $40 / year. The divide is based upon the number of active users on the plan. Members will only be charged on the next renewal date. At this time, renewals are on October 1st of every year. For this reason, it is very important to try to let us know if you do not wish to be part of the next renewal by September 1st of every year.
When renewals are paid, amounts charged are not-refundable and will cover the member for the entire year.

By being part of the shared Nintendo plan, you agree NOT to use any form of family sharing of games or shared forms of payment as this could result in undue additional charges to your personal Nintendo account. At this time, Nintendo does not have this mechanism but this is in place in case Nintendo implements a shared gaming system.

LastPass Family Plan

This service is a branch of LastPass password management software which allows you to keep all of your passwords in one secured vault, generate secure passwords that you don’t have to remember, along with a list of other features you would get with a paid plan.

Plan pricing is based on a shared divide of $50 / year. The divide is based upon the number of active users under the plan. The plan renews every year on February 19.
When a member joins for the first time, their first year will be prorated to match the annual renewal date. For example, if a member joins on July 5th, they will only be charged for their share for the time between the join date of July 5th and February 18th of the next year. Existing members will receive a credit on their billings for the amount they would be owed back with new members joining. This credit can either be carried over to next year’s payment or refunded.

For any members on the LastPass plan, if you plan to not renew before the next renewal date, please let Oven know before January 15th as this will allow time to find new members or re-assess the renewal that will be owed for other members. When the plan is renewed on February 19th of each year, all existing members will then owe the shared amount due. Because of how shared plans are divided up to allocate spending, it is not possible to issue refunds in the middle of a plan year if you decide not to use the service or wish to cancel. This would require additional charges to all other members on the plan. A renewal payment is a commitment to using the service for the year you renew for.

Any accounts under the LastPass plan are kept fully confidential. Account owners and any other members on the shared account will NOT have access to anything that you do not actively share to other members. Only you will have master access to your own account.

You must ensure that all passwords you use to access the service are secure and that you will be able to remember your master password. As with the above, Oven specifically does not have any access to restore or retrieve your account in the event of being locked out. You would need to contact LastPass support directly. We are not responsible for any insecure passwords or sessions or breach of account from lack of authentication. While LastPass itself is a very secure service and highly recommended for keeping all of your passwords more secure and unique, there is a level of personal responsibility to uphold with all products like this. It is highly recommended that you pair this service with multi-factor authentication to avoid any unauthorized access.