Beanery Group Rules

Last modified: 2021-01-10

– Respect one another how you would want to be treated.
– No fetish content w/ human IRL parts, keep content relative to paws.
– Please use the NSFW spoiler bot for especially NSFW posts, always tag as #NSFW.
– Ask an admin about inviting others, subject to admin vote.
– These points go into further detail below. Thank you for joining our group!

Welcome to our chat group! We’re glad you’re here :3 
Your membership in this group implies accepting these rules, including any future changes. Major changes to rules will be outlined in a pinned message in the group whenever they are done.

ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY–ANY of the following below will be an instant and permanent ban

  • Minors are NOT allowed in this group. All members MUST be over the age of 18 as some of the topics discussed will be of adult nature.
  • Harassment, in our outside of the chat towards other chat members. This includes using the chat to circumvent a block to communicate about or towards another user.
  • Ideologies or themes promoting hate or violence specifically targeting minorities/ protected groups.
  • Discriminatory speech, including but not limited to racial slurs, jokes relating to mental disorders, or hate for other individuals. Respect everyone.
  • Religious or political debate (Do it outside this chat). Note that this does not include discussion of human/ civil rights issues, these are not up for debate.
  • Abusive or otherwise non-constructive negative language directed to specific individuals. This includes dragging disputes with other users into the group chat.

Adding new users

  • This is a private chat group! We do not publicly accept new users or advertise our group for privacy and invite links should never be posted outside of our chat. Invite links should be rotated after every accepted invite.
  • New users may only be added by an admin or chat owner; feel free to ask them for a link. If admin is not familiar with a requested user or if the admin/ chat owner is unsure if the user will mesh well with the rest of the group, the request may be subject to being placed into the chat for recommendations.
  • Regarding new users, the chat owner will make all final decisions. Chat invites are not made on an elitist or power basis and should never be taken as such. It never hurts to ask if you have a friend you wish to bring in, but remember this is not a guarantee. We do also want to keep the chat tight-knit to our collective friend groups and do not want to invite members too many degrees outside of our personal nodes.
  • Admins reserve the right to stop accepting any new invites at any given time. 

Types of Content Allowed

  • Paws! Lots of paws and furry-specific paw-related content! :p
  • We encourage you to post content using #tags if it is specific to an interest so that it is searchable by other users. This is not required.
  • Posts are allowed to be of adult nature as we are all adults here. But please note this is not by definition considered to be a fully NSFW chat. As a courtesy to other members, please refer to the following:
    • For NSFW posts, refer to the following guidelines for posts:
      • Content that could be deemed an “R” rating is recommended to be posting using #NSFW as a tag. This also includes content that includes any depiction or suggestion to nudity or genitals.
      • Content that includes explicit depictions of genitals should always use the spoiler bot to hide the post before adding it into the chat. The spoiler bot link is available in the chat bio.
    • The following NSFW posts are prohibited
      • Content unrelated to an emphasis on paws
      • Content focused on human body parts or genitals from media captured IRL. This includes photos of costumes showing the performer’s actual genitals, but does not include genitals that are drawn in art or crafted for a costume specifically.
      • Regarding fursuit specific content using real genitals, you may still link to these but MUST use the #NSFW tag and you MUST remove the link preview before posting into the group.
    • If a post is missing NSFW protections, admins have the final word in determining if a post classifies as NSFW and if the content needs to be removed or simply give the user a warning. All warmings are in private.
    • We are always open to suggestions if this section is not clear enough on specifics.
  • Do not use the group to redistribute content that is otherwise behind a paywall or given out in confidence by another user in private.
  • Self-Promotion is allowed and encouraged, especially if you are an artist! Commission openings are good too. Just be sure your self-promotion is related to the theme of the chat. This includes, but is not limited to, links to your own art, links to yours or other people’s streams, or discussion about activities you are involved in that would be of interest to individuals within the group chat. 
  • Most infractions of allowed content will be an admin request to refrain and not strictly a warning. We do not wish to embarass you and will simply remove the post from the group and contact you directly. If a warning is issued, an admin may elect to suspend the user from posting content depending upon the severity of the issue. A third warning will result in a banishment from the group. 

Spam & Off-Topic Discussions

  • Discussions are allowed to veer off the chat theme and are encouraged in order to get to know each other on an interpersonal level. It is our interests that bring us together, but keep tangents short if possible please as a courtesy to others! 
  • Please do not use the chat group to spam completely unrelated links or products.
  • Please keep chain posts of any content to a minimum to allow others equal opportunity to post as well. This will usually only be enforced in the event that the quantity of posts in a row significantly exceeds the amount of feedback the posts are receiving. 


  • Please do not publicly post group discussion or links going to our chat.
  • Admins are not perfect people. We will screw up sometimes. While you are welcome to keep us accountable, we also ask for your respect during communications regarding the chat either in or outside the group.
  • Banishments are not always permanent, unless ban falls under Zero Tolerance policy. Admins are given discretion to ban or restrict user activity as needed per these rules. Chat owner has final word on permanent banishments.
  • We are not here to babysit you or keep a firm grip on policy. We want everyone in our chat to feel comfortable here and enjoy their time. These rules exist simply as a guideline and are open to changes needed over time.

Adaptation of chat rules to other groups
If you wish to use and/or modify these rules for your own groups, please do! I only ask that you credit me by pointing back to Please don’t link back to these rules or use this page directly as this set of rules is specific to our private chat!