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Hey! My name is Oven Otter! I am a blue-eyed gray furred river otter with black pawpads, a black nose & pupils, and light gray belly fur & inner ear fur. I really enjoy coffee, design, fursuiting, music & DJing, crafting, and coffee! I tend to be really silly but at the same time I have a tendency to be chill in most cases.

My most current references are available by clicking here and here.

Below are some frequently asked questions about me and / or my character! If there is something unanswered feel free to use the link on the right to send me your own questions! :3


Q: Why the name “Oven”? / Why is your name so weird? / Do you have anything to do with actual ovens?
A:  So this is a story

I started in the fandom around Fall of 2009. I didn’t officially call myself a furry and had no interest in doing so but the interest began there for the most part. One of the very first furries I knew was Cam . I slowly started to get to know him over time before that and he introduced me to some of his friends around that time. 

While the initial friend circle we created is history at this point, we had a lot of fun talking in skype calls and drawing on openCanvas as well. There was one day when Cam drew the drawing here on the right side and shared it to the group. For whatever reason in that moment I thought this was the pinnacle of comedy and lost it when I saw this comic. 

The next day, cam starts calling me Oven and only called me that because of the comic including a lot of ovens. I wasn’t too sure about that becoming a name or anything but ultimately the entire friend group was calling me by that name and the name stuck. So ultimately, my character was then forever called “Oven”.

What a great story. 

Q: What is with this “h” meme? / Did you create the “h” meme? / what is “h”?!
A: I don’t know what you’re talking about. 

Q: What cons / major meetups have you been to and/or plan on doing?
A: I’ve been to quite a few and plan on doing plenty more!

2016: Further Confusion, Vancoufur, Furry Weekend Atlanta?, Biggest Little Fur Con, Megaplex? , Indy Fur Con?, Rainfurrest, Howloween.

2015: Further Confusion, Furry Weekend Atlanta, Rainfurrest, Howloween.

2014: Further Confusion, Elliotts Winter Carnival, Texas Furry Fiesta, Furry Weekend Atlanta, Biggest Little Fur Con, Furlandia, When Furballs Strike 17, Rainfurrest, Howloween, Midwest Furfest.

2013: Indy Fur Con, Rainfurrest, Elliotts Fall Festival.

Totaling out to 12 cons so far!

Q: Do you own a fursuit?
A: Yup! 

Q: Do you like to cook?
A: Yes! But it has no relation to the name. 

Q: Do you like hugs?
A: Yes!